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        • +86-21-64911960
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        • Eu-Flo Pump Industries Co Ltd
        • Pump Expert of European Standard
        • Tel: 021-64911960
        • Phone: 13391393652
        • Email: info@cnwaterpumps.com
        • Address:Room 1506, 638 Heng Feng Road, Su He No.1 Mansion,200040.Shanghai,China

        Techincal Help

        If you have any technical problems or questions, just give us a call. One of our technicians will also be available on the telephone to help you as quickly as possible. the Technical Help including technical help pre- sales and after sales.

        Pre-sales Technical Help
        we supply Pre-sales technical consultation, recommend a best suitable production, production introduce, performance parameter, dimension drawing, project registration and Letter of Authorization, bidding documentation. and all certification we have.

        After sales Technical Help
        The highly-trained network of support technicians can advice and answer questions on-site; trouble shooting, repairs, and site services quickly and effectively.

        All of our equipment purchased comes with an operations manual. Within the manual is information about start-up procedures, standard and routine maintenance guides, and common troubleshooting advice. and all needed report documentation will be submitted. meter or instrument Verification certification. inspection and testing report. custom documentations. and documentation submitted to bank.