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        • Eu-Flo Pump Industries Co Ltd
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        Centrifugal pump use in marine of pump manufacturers in china

        Centrifugal pump use in marine of pump supplier in china

        The marine market requires expert solutions. We have a worldwide network that include shipyards, ship owners, contractors and other system suppliers for example fluid handling. Besides an impressive package of marine centrifugal pump and packing system, we can also supply customised solutions including complete electric control pannel, diesel engine marine pump and fire fighting systems including and operation. platform equipment.

        eu-flo pumps and systems are widely used in various places on board, If there is any critical application we can deliver a maximum reliable solution. Quality is guaranteed by international product certification and ISO9001. Different applications include:

        Cargo and ballast handling systems

        Engine rooms handling pumps

        Bilge  handling systems

        Fire fighting systems

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